Sunday, 31 January 2010

Women I Would LOVE to be...

While I continue with the story of my first real exposure into the world of dresses (yay), Charlotte has once again asked me to post pictures of more women I would like to be, and why...

I admire high-powered, feminine businesswomen. Why shouldn't a woman be feminine and powerful at the same time. Such a potent combination. I would love to be this woman, in her smart skirt and jacket. Sexy, pretty, and clearly a woman who knows what she wants. I love it. I like to think what it would be like to be dressed like this for a meeting, the gorgeous feeling of crossing my legs in that skirt, the slip soft up against my thighs... KNOWING I look so beautiful.

I think seeing women looking so happy and content in a dress is amazing. I mean, who wouldn't want to be this woman!? Outside on a summer's day, in a sundress. YAY FOR SUNDRESSES!!! She's stunning. I think about being her, and walking around all day dressed like this, skirt softly caressing my legs, receiving admiring glances from girls and guys...So pretty, and I love her hair too.

The thought of skirt shopping...for the attraction here. It looks as though she's just tried the two skirts on in the background, but has settled for the floral option. She's having her photo taken because she likes her skirt so much. She looks so proud. I love skirts. I would love to spend all day in skirts and dresses (it's already happening I guess) however much I protest that that's not the case. I would love to be this girl.

So here's a key fantasy of mine. My mother recognises I'm a sissy, and tells my girlfriend. My girlfriend starts seeing other guys, because she doesn't want to be with a sissy, although she still loves me. She encourages me, with my mother's help, to be the girl I should always have been. This culminates them marrying me off to a cute guy. That's me in the wedding dress, and my ex-girlfriend as bridesmaid. She lovingly teases me throughout the ceremony, about what a sissy I am and the pretty girl I've become.

So this one's about a lost opportunity. I feel genuinly cheated that I didn't have a prom...never had the opportunity to dress up in a beautiful white dress and be taken out and treated like a lady for the first time. I adore her dress and tiara, and this photo encapsulates her excitement...texting her friends and looking so happy and girly. A lovely picture...if only this could have been me!

There's absolutely nothing wrong with women dressing a little flirty if they feel like it. I mean, girls just LOVE to have fun, and clearly wearing short skirts and looking good, catching attention etc is part of the equation for many women. Good on them. I like to think that this is me, changing for a second or third date, admiring my skirt, thinking about how much my boyfriend will like me in it. I imagine sitting on his lap later, up close, kissing. Pleated skirts are fantastic!! She looks fab!

Definitely the closet businesswoman coming out in me again. To spend all day dressed like this, in smart shoes, skirt just below the knee and a red top...I love her hair too, and her smile. I would kill to look like this for the rest of my life. I love the feel of fully lined skirts up against my legs...slightly restrictive and keeping my stride length feminine and dainty. Silly I know.

She is content and wearing a skirt. Definitely a theme developing here!! Need I really say more. Okay, I will. I would love to be posing in a knee length smart skirt, having my photo taken because I am a beautiful girl. Do you girls realise how lucky you are to have the opportunity to dress like this all of the time!!!??? Hmmmm...skirt, dress or trousers....WHY would you ever choose trousers!??? Skirts and dresses rule! If only I was born a girl. She looks so happy.

And finally. The excitement on her face is thrilling! I can't help thinking what it would be like to choose my wedding dress, to have my hair done, to be made up, and then slip into the dress on my wedding day. To look so divine, so pretty, in my dress, while all the guests realise what a sissy I really am. Humiliated, and a sissy. Looking so cute...

What do you think of my comments???? Please let me know which women you identify with, or just like, and why...xxxxxx


  1. Caitlin, we are just soooo like sisters. I agree with all your posts. I especially love the prom/deb picture. I really like that dress. I hope Charlotte gives you more assignments like this one.


  2. i identify with all of them either as they would of been a part of my life had i of been born in the 'right' body or through fashion preference (see my blog for more!!!!).
    Ya doing great gurl.

    sissygurl belinda


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