Thursday, 28 January 2010

I'm in dresses...continued

I had my feet up on the sofa when Charlotte came home, relaxing in a pair of jogging bottoms and t-shirt (with my Elle MacPherson panties on underneath, which I love[pictured below])

"Hey Caity! How're things"

"Okay. What have you got there?"

"LOADS of lovely things from our shopping trip. Beth's just parking the car. She'll be up in a sec". Charlotte was wearing her pink jumper and knee length black skirt. She looked lovely.

"Beth's with you?" I was worried. Beth had been kind enough to give me some of her old skirts. She used to fancy me. But now she knows. SHE KNOWS I'M A SISSY. And I hadn't actually seen her since she found out.

Beth walked through the door.

"Hi...C...Caitlin", Beth smiled, and could hardly contain her laughter. Beth was wearing a gorgeous brown shirtdress. She looked better than ever.

"Hi Beth", I replied, cautiously.

Charlotte turned back to me. "We bought some things...we bought you some things".

Oh my god.

"Me and Beth have been talking, and it's time you smartened up a little. We..."

"...we got you some dresses!" Beth finished off Charlotte's sentence for her. "You're going to ADORE wearing them ...Caitlin"

Both Charlotte and Beth were laughing now. Noy uncontrollably. But they were clearly having fun.

"You do like dresses...don't you?" Beth asked.

"I...but...well yes...but "

"Then that's decided. Here's the first one". Charlotte reached in the bag, and pulled the dress out..."

"Do you like it", Beth smiled at me. "We thought you could wear it for work".

"Why don't you try it on...and show us" Charlotte suggested, helpfully. "Your legs are smooth now. It'll look perfect".

"Yay!" added Beth "It's dress time for Caitlin! Let's see how much of a sissy you really are! I bet you already have some panties on."


"Of course she does", said Charlotte. "She always wears them now".

So humiliating. My girlfriend and her friend, the girl who used to fancy me, shopping for dresses for me...Is this really happening!??

To be coninued.

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