Thursday, 24 March 2011

Super Cute...

I NEED to be her...

Who needs a man...

What can I say about this photo...

Who knows if this is in my future. Charlotte certainly thinks it is...

Earlier today, she passed off a throw away comment...

"Maybe we should get you a man", she said, chuckling. "A big, strong, hunky man. You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

" course not...", I replied, thinking...

"Yes you woooouuuuulddd", she said, smiling. "Every girl needs a man...a real look you...appreciate you...hug you..."

"To hold you"...

"To kiss you".

"To use you...the way a man needs a woman"...

"To submit to"...

"To make love to..."

She'd looked me in the eye, measuring my response. Having made up her mind, she giggled and then completely changed the subject.

She looked flushed.


Do I? Do I need a man?

No. Not as much as I need Charlotte.

But she needs one.

Not a sissy.

A man.

Dress up...dress down

Another cutie of a dress.

I think I could wear this for work, or in the evening. The cut is great. Slip on this dress...some simple black heels...and you'll certainly turn heads...

So perfect for a sissy like me. I'd love to wear it for Charlotte. Her girl.

Pretty in pink

How cute is this dress...?

This would feel so perfect on. Cute straps. My hair on my bare shoulders. The tiered skirt is completely dreamy. Super feminine.

Plus, who doesn't love dresses!? So easy to slip on, pretty and ready to go.

Charlotte's sissy

Such a hot photo...

At Charlotte's feet, in my little black dress

Charlotte: "You know what I want from you, my pretty sissy."

Yes. I want it too.

pretty in the park...

It was hot today in London. I'd love to own a pretty flowing summer skirt and go for walks with Charlotte in the park, lounge around on the grass and pose for photos.

I'd love to this woman...smiling for a photo for cute, feminine pose.

"You look adorable in your new skirt like my sissy girl..."

So pretty.

A slip-ery slope

Having had a good chuckle at my last posts, Charlotte has told me I need some pretty new nightwear, and has asked me to find some things I like...Hope you like this post on aspirational slips and nighties.

1. I love the thought of lounging around in this outfit, and I SO want to be this girl...there can be no better way to kill time while waiting for your man...

2. Imagine being a nightwear model...she looks like she's having second thoughts...cute slip though....

3. Love the lace trim on this, and the startled she just woke up in a new body...

4. I love the submissive look in this photo. I imagine that Charlotte has arranged for a hot guy to come around, and has bought me this nightie to wear. I'm waiting nervously, and the door opens..."I can't believe this is happening...I hope he likes me..." How cute is this nightie...?

5. Such a cute slip. I'd like to her, looking down at my feminine body encased in this figure hugging slip. So pretty...Looks like the kind of thing you would wear under a wedding enduring fantasy of mine...with Charlotte as my bridemaid...

6. This babydoll appeals, partly because she's copying what Charlotte calls my trademarke pose...I can't help playing with the hem of my skirt or dress, and I can easily imagine twirling around in this seductive outfit...

7. Such a dreamy nightie...I think she's standing submissively in front of her master, waiting for instructions..."on your knees sissy"...

8. Probably the most feminine nightie of them all. I adore the detail, the colour and the cut. The fact that my hair is now this long, and I could easily own this nightie...I would love to recreate this photo...

9. She looks so satisfied and content in her eyelet detail dress...I think she's having pleasant thoughts about the night before...and later...

10. This is SO how Charlotte looks at me all the time..."you're such a sissy". Playful, amused, and devilishly sexy. I can easily imagine her wearing this...

11. I think this woman could teach me a thing or two. Definitely a handful, this photos looks like she's just discovered I'm a sissy..."right then...get those horrid male clothes off and let's find you a nightie to wear...before my boyfriend comes around..."

12. I chose this picture for the nightie. I already own a very similar the bust detail.

13. This picture says everything to me about what wearing a nighthie shpuld be all about. Fun, feminine and flirty...I love the girly pose, gorgeous smile and just genuine happiness.

So content, in her cute nightie.

Which would you like to wear most?

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Wedding dress fantasy

I absolutely LOVE this photo.

A bride admiring her pretty dress. Thinking about it on her. Preparing to wear it.

Then I think, what if this woman was a sissy? What if this woman was me? What would I be thinking?

I'd be thinking of what I'd look like in the dress.

Of sliding into it with the help of my chief bridesmaid, Charlotte, as she whispers in my ear, " girl".

Of walking up the aisle...all eyes on me...the stifled laughter of the female guests...the encouraging comments...

Of walking towards my future husband...arranged by Charlotte...with her by my side, giving me away.

Of my first dance...being held tight by a man. Feeling his hardness pressed agaist me...thinking about what I have to do later.

Of him slipping my dress off...kissing my neck...just a hunky man with a delicate, pretty woman...

Of standing in front of him in my wedding lingerie...submissive and nervous....

Of taking to my knees...of kissing his...tasting my mouth...sucking...Charlotte's instructions fresh in my memory.

Of glancing over my shoulder as he takes me...feeling him push against me...inside me...taking me...

As I look at the dress.

His bride

His woman

His wife

But I'll always belong to Charlotte.

At a dress

Sometimes I can't help thinking about things that have to happen in the future.

My future. As a sissy.

One scenario I keep coming back to, is daydreaming of my first day at work dressed as a woman...


Charlotte gets up from bed and walks over to the wardrobe. She opens the door, turns around and says, "time to find you some pretty clothes...hmmm...a dress or a skirt and top? You're goimg to look so cute!"

I get up, shower, do my hair and slip on my underwear. I wear a corset and some cute panties. As I pull up my panties, I start to feel like a proper woman...I already have small breasts, and the front of my panties is completely flat.

I apply my make up. "You have to look pretty on your first day honey...", Charlotte teases.

I try on a few outfits. First some dresses...

Then after a change of panties to avoid a VPL, a skirt...

As I slide the skirt up my smooth legs, the silky lining reminds me of the sissy I am. It feels delicious, but I also feel humiliated in front of Charlotte. I should be her man...not her sissy girlfriend. I fasten the skirt, before Charlotte says, "Stop, I have the perfect outfit".

I take off the skirt, and Charlotte hands me a pretty dress...Perfect for a sissy...

Charlotte holds the dress in front of me, and I step into it. Holding eye contact, Charlotte looks amused and reassuring at the same time. I feel the dress hugging my body as Charlotte zips me up and ties a pink bow around my waist. She hugs me, her wearing a cute black sheath dress from Calvin Klein...

It feel strange as she hugs me, the skirts of our dresses touching each other. It's the kind of hug a girl gives a girl...not the kind I used to get.

"Perfect! Take a look at yourself". I move over to the mirror, and can't believe what I see. I see myself, as a woman. Encased in a pretty dress. I touch up my make-up...

...and together we leave for work.

Charlotte drives, and as we pull up to my office she can barely contain her laughter.

"Remember Caity...try not to worry. Most of the office already knows after my email. Pretty much all the girls know...the only people wo'll be surprised are the guys. Have a good day honey!"


My heels click as I approach the office. Every click is a reminder that I'm no longer a man...

I nervously walk into the corridor. Sarah is waiting for me. She looks serious. "So it is true!"', she says, arms folded. "I always knew. You look very cute. An appropriate dress for someone like you...follow me, sissy...I mean Caitlin".

As I follow Sarah, everywhere I look people are covering their mouths nd laughing. I can hear whispers as I pass...

"Oh my God...what a wimp..."

"To think...I used to fancy him..."

"Aaaaawwwww. So sweet. I have a dress just like yours".

"I always knew you were a sissy...let's catch up later and you can tell me all about it!"

"So Charlotte was right... He is a sissy".

All I could do is smile sweetly and follow Sarah. We head towards Lorraine's office. Lorraine is my boss. She's also friends with Charlotte...

"Come in let me take a look at you. You'll do nicely".

"I...I...". I try to get the words out, but they won't come out.

"It's okay Caitlin", Lorraine said reassuringly. "You look divine. Such a pretty dress. I love your shoes too."


"Charlotte told me what to expect, and why. From what she says, you'll make a much better girl than a boy...and I can she that she's right. I mean, she told me that you're that you look great in dresses..."

All I could do is stare back. I can't believe Charlotte had told her about my ...problem.

"Come on. Let's get you to HR and get your contract amended. Follow me."

I follow Lorraine through two doors, and into Abigail's office.

"'s Caitlin".

As I walk in, I notice Abigail grinning a me. I can't tell if she's being friendly, or is stifling laughter.

"See you later, Caitlin", Lorraine says, letting out a chuckle as she leaves me in front of Abigail, looking amazing in her black shift dress.

"Let me take a loom at you...hmmmmmm...pretty dress, and I love your hair. How does it feel?", Lorraine asked.

"S...s...sorry?" I reply.

"How does it feel? To be a girl? To be one of us? Long hair...pretty dress...make up...a pretty girl...a sissy? How does it feel?"

I feel so small, standing there in my dress. I'm suddenly aware of my bra...may tight panties...the skirt of my dress skimming my legs.

"I...I...". Still can't get the words out.

"It feels good doesn't it? To find your place. To be a woman. Standing in front of pretty lingerie...cute dress...thinking of Charlotte, in her office, in her cute outfit...she told me she was wearing the Calvin Klein dress today...the one the Managing Partner at her firm bought her...James."

I just blush, but inside I'm terrified. How come charlotte hasn't mentioned James before? And he bought her a dress!? That's the sort of thing...a...a...boyfriend migjt do. All I can think about is the office at her firm...staying late...being kissed by James...

While I'm stuck in my a pretty dress...a sissy. No match for a real man...

I feel humiliated. I feel terrified of losing Charlotte. I feel scared. I feel more aroused than I've ever felt...

Thursday, 17 March 2011

I love skirts

I love skirts.

And it's very possible I will become a skirt-exclusive girl (and dresses of course).

Here's why:

1. Skirts are fun to wear. They swish around your knees. They drape over my legs when I sit down. They blow in the wind.

2. When I spin, they twirl. And I couldn't imagine dancing in anything other than a skirt. Fast dancing, and especially slow dancing.

3. Choices. The variety of skirts is enormous! Different lengths, different shapes, colours, prints, lace, eyelets, lauered, lined and petticoated. Sheer or textured...rrousers are so boring in comparison.

4. Skirts make me feel different. They are the epitomy of femininity (not to be confused with weakness...I love strong, feminine women). Wearing a skirt changes my mindset. Charlotte says I'm much better behaved in a skirt, more obedient, more courteous, more graceful and lady like. Skirts make me feel like a woman.

5. They look REALLY cute. Women look sweeter...more feminine in a skirt.

6. When I imagine myself standing next to a man, with me in a skirt...the skirt accentuates the difference between us. Him, big and, small and my skirt. Skirts are romantic...dreamy...whe I think about being kissed, I'm always wearing a skirt.

7. Charlotte likes me in skirts. Skirts take me closer to who I am, and with me in a skirt, it frees Charlotte up for who she needs to be...what she wants and needs. If Charlotte's planning to date men soon, it will become so much easier for her if the one she's leaving at home is in a skirt, panties, bra, long hair, smooth legs, painted nails... Not a man...just a girlfriend. I suspect that's part of the reason Charlotte is pushing me so hard to embrace my feminine side. She needs more than I can offer her...she needs a real man...she needs me in skirts.

Here are some super-cute examples of skirts:

1. Skirts change the way I feel. I blush. I am bashful. Charlotte looks at me in a different way. So do her friends. I play with the hem of my skirt as I realise what a sissy I am...

2. Skirts are feminine. They can be adorned with pretty bows. They make me feel girly. They help me look girly. They lap at my legs' caressing with every step.

3. Skirts make me feel happy. And humiliated. They remind me of my sissiness. They are pretty, and make me feel pretty.

4. Skirts help the rest of my body coordinate in like a woman. They change the way I move. When I lower my hands, they do not feel pockets. They feel flowing, flouncy material against my legs. To keep my hands occupied, they're held together, making me feel and act even more lime a girl.

5. Skirts are pretty. Women admire pretty skirts. They compliment me in pretty skirts. They remove the threat of my masculinity. I become a woman. Like them.

6. Skirts help me sit like a lady. They expose my panties, meaning I must keep my legs crossed when sitting. I love the way my hands rest in the folds of my skirt. On my knee at the hem. I have to straighten my skirt as I sit, to avoid creases.

7. Skirts are for sharing. When I wear one in female company, after the initial giggles, I am part of a sisterhood. When Charlotte and I are both in skirts, we become closer.

8. Skirts are flouncy, flirty and super feminine. I adore lace hems and underskirts that feel smooth against my skin.

9. Skirts can be smart, sassy and dominating. For a sissy like me, threatening. But always feminine.

10. A view taken for granted by real women, and one I'm getting used to. Every time I look down in a skirt, I am reminded of my femininity. My legs look pretty, extending out from the hem. Slender, womanly...

11. Skirts can be ultra feminine.

12. Skirts remind me to curtsey. They help me curtsey when I need to. I love to gather the material in my fingers, and swing it back and fore.

13. Skirts are sexy. Especially combined with a thong and suspender belt underneath. I'm looking forward to experiencing this...

14. Skirts are cool and professinal. They make me feel beautiful, and work well as part of an outfit...

15. Skirts bring out the best in me. They make me disciplined. I have a longer attention span in a I belong...

16. Skirts are fashionable. They can be the showpiece of a stunning outfit...

17. Skirts are graceful. They help me move like a woman. Dancing is a joy...

18. Skirts bring me closer to Charlotte. My wearing of skirts absolves her of guilt and responsibility. Charlotte talks to be differently in a skirt. We talk like women.

Which is your favorite????