Saturday, 13 March 2010


Hi. It's been a while since I posted last. My transformation is moving along quite swiftly, in many ways.


First of all, my hair has now grown to well below the top of my ears, level with the bottoms now. Charlotte seems to get more exited about it every day..."so many much more fun than your old hair cut Caity..." and comments like "girls hair is so much better!".

Here are some of the photos Charlotte sent me yesterday to give us some ideas...

Some of these are obviously more achievable than others at the moment, at least until my hair grows some more.

I think the increased growth might be partly down to the vitamins Charlotte bought for me to take. I already had a full head of hair, but there's definitely some new growth that's adding to the volume...

It's hard for me to describe how this is all making me feel. It's a balance between thinking, how will I explain this to people I know? and thinking, oh my God, I'm going to have hair like the girls in these photos.

I imagine myself with long straight hair hitting my shoulders, with a cute strappy sundress on, wandering around the park or beach with Charlotte. I have to admit, the thought is appealing...letting go of my former life and embracing my natural femininity.

But also scary, and I STILL feel humiliated. I know Charlotte is enjoying my continuing emasculation, but why?


I'm still going the gym, but my routine has completely changed. I'm now following one from Charlotte's Cosmo, involving more running and swimming than ever, tennis, and also lots of tonig exercises. My diet's improved too, and my skin is much clearer and fresher than it was. Water is now my staple drink!

Charlotte's also suggested some new workout clothes...let me know what you think...

Cute huh.


Ok. Nothing physiological is happening here yet!

However, I'm now wearing bras full time in the house at Charlotte's prompting. Most of my new clothes weren't fitting in the chest area, and I now also own a small set of breast forms to help fill my bras.

Charlotte bought me these two bras to wear (I love them):


And finally, I'm now in skirts full time in the house, and have even ventured into the garden under Charlotte's supervision, albeit for only a few minutes because it's FREEZING!

Here are three skirts and a dress that Charlotte recently bought for me (all from Nordstrom, a great store, linked from this site):

Wy wardrobe is filling up FAST, and this whole thing is becomine more real every day.

More to follow soon, including some recent bedroom exchanges with Charlotte...