Thursday, 17 March 2011

Sissy Bridesmaid

One of Charlotte's friends, Ruby, is getting married this summer. To a man. A real man. You should see how the women in the room react when he enters a room. They're all smiles and fluttered eyelashes. Including Charlotte.

Anyway, Charlotte's been asked to be bridesmaid for Ruby, which makes it about the twentieth time she's been a bridesmaid.

We were in bed last night, both of us in our Elle MacPherson nighties, her snuggled up behind me, when Charlotte brought the subject up...again.

"Maybe if you ask Ruby nicely she'll let you be a bridesmaid too", she whispered in my ear gently.

Ruby knows about me. Most of Charlotte's friends know.

In response, all I could do is reach for the hem of my nightie, and blush.

"Just imagine", she continued. "You and I, in our pretty dresses...helping the bride get ready....she wouldn't's not like there would be any men in the room. Just us girls. You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

At this point I knew she was teasing. I wanted her to stop. I also wanted her to go on.

"And then, at the ceremony...gliding up the aisle with our flowers...all eyes on the bride and us bridesmaids. The women admiring your dress. The men admiring you and I...wondering if we're single...available."

"Please Charlotte, stop messing".

"I'm not messing around. This could happen...this summer. You, in the cutest, prettiest bridesmaid dress...the envy of the other guests..."

"Can you imagine watching me dance with the best man afterwards...sitting on the edge of the dancefloor...with you cutesy dress and pretty flowers in your hair...on your wrist? A real man would stop his girlfriend. But you're not a real man, are you?"


"Shhhhhh honey. It's okay. I know. You could just watch, as we danced close...cheek to cheek...weddings are so he moves in for the kiss...his lips brushing mine...holding me tightly...a man, giving me what I need...the attention of a real man."

While you just sit there, watching...hands in the folds of your skirt...looking down at your pretty skirt and flowers...while I kiss him...and think about later...what I want to do to him...with my tongue...what he might do to me...with his...his...mmmmm"

"A sissy...while your girlfriend makes out with a hot guy in front of know what could happen next... What will happen later...but you do nothing...why?"


"Why Caitlin...why?"

"Because you deserve a real man...not a sissy..."

"Shhhhh...don't be upset. You said it pretty girl. You'd make an excellent bridesmaid".

I would. Her sissy.

"I'll let Ruby know". And with that she rolled over to sleep.



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