Saturday, 12 March 2011

My new skirt and dress

I had to share this with you.

To celebrate my return to sissidom, Charlotte bought me a present from. Anthropology...

I'm wearing it now, as we watch a dating show together on the television (lots of pretty girls...with real men) with my fluffy lilac sweater from Forever 21. I also have a flower in my hair (it is Saturday night after all!) and some light make up on.

It feels strange, us BOTH on the sofa wearing skirts again after all of this time. Nice though. Charlotte's in a simple black jersey skirt and white vest top, looking effortlessly stunning as always (I know she'll read this later!).

Anyway, I mentioned a skirt AND a dress...

Charlotte's friend Sophie popped around earlier with a present of her own. I'm pretty sure Charlotte put her up to it. Sophie works in a boutique dress shop, and gave me this...

"It's for work...when you're ready", she giggled. "It's not new. I bought it last year. But it's not worn, and it's super cute. Your colleagues will love it".

I told her that I'm not wearing dresses to work...I've not even thought about it.

"It's fully lined and it'll complement your shape". It's true, Sophie and I are actually now the same size, and a similar shape.

Most of Charlotte's female friends know whats happening now, and lots of her colleagues have known for ages.

"You'll have to start being yourself at work soon too. We have so many lovely work outfits in at the moment. You should pop around with Charlotte...when you're ready."

I couldn't say much in return. Just play with the hem of my skirt and look grateful. Sophie used to fancy me...look at us now...discussing dresses and skirt suits!

Like girlfriends...So humiliating.

The last time I went clothes shopping with Charlotte I was completely humiliated (see an earlier post).

But I know this is the real me...before long I'll have to face some changes at work...


  1. the black dress is so cute and classy!!!


  2. Thank you Marilena. I love the shoes on your blog, and the Leighton Meester post. She's a good role model for someone like me, and her ouftis are adorable. Thanks. Xxxxx


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