Sunday, 13 March 2011

Outed by women

I think a lot about how Charlotte spotted my 'hidden' side. How did she know that I would be more suited to a female lifestyle? A life as a woman.

Some things are obvious.

Our sex life was good, but without being graphic, I could never please her the way you'd expect a man to please his wife. I simply wasn't well endowed enough (and for those of you that would say it doesn't matter, it definitely does to many women...for Charlotte it's psychological rather than physical). I could please her in other ways.

But there's always more to it than sex.

There were other subtle signs for Charlotte too. But more of that I will cover another time.

What's particularly interesting, is that other women picked up on it, even as far back as school. There are three instances in school that spring to mind:

1. My Ex-Girlfriend and the Skirt

One of the prettiest girls in my class used to fancy me at about age 14 (like I said, I am good looking in a kind of teen-boy sort of way). We went out for a couple of weeks, but she ditched me for another guy very soon when nothing physical happened between us (I'm talking kissing here!).

About a year later she came up with the idea that for charity, for a single day, boys and girls should wear each other's uniforms. For the boys, that meant an above the knee, dark school skirt, like the one below.

Now one indication of my true nature was that this idea aroused me. Fascinated me. But she could never have known that, when she looked at me and said, without missing a beat, "you'd like that, wouldn't you? Maybe you could borrow my skirt." We were the same size. It would have fitted.

People laughed, but no-one ever mentioned it again.

But she knew. Even if it was deep down...she knew. Perhaps it was because I was too afraid to kiss her when we went out. In any case, she could sense that I wanted nothing more than to go to school in her skirt, even before I did.

2. Sexy Legs

The second incident was in a mixed games lesson. We were playing basketball in the gym, boys and girls. I was 16.

There were several mixed teams, but only two playing at a time. While the other teams were waiting for their turn to play, they sat around the outside of the court.

After playing, I sat down next to the hottest girl in year, and her friend (also hot). She was on my school bus and I knew her well. We'd been friendly in the past. They were both looking hot in their short games skirts.

As I sat down, she said, "we were just talking, and you have the sexiest legs in this room".

I was really pleased. Two hot girls in my year both agreed. My legs were REALLY sexy.

I just said, "thanks".

Then she said, with absolutely no effort to be funny, "I'd love your legs. So slender and toned".

To which the other one said, "next time we play, you should wear a skirt too. Your legs are so pretty".

Of course, being a submissive male, I just smiled and turned beetroot red with embarrassment. All I could think about was me, my femiine a cute skirt...

Neither of them gve much thought that I was a man...just that my legs were objects of desire...for two already attractive women who wanted legs like mine.

3. An Opportunity Missed

A few weeks or months later, I was on the school bus sitting next to the same girl. The one who told me my legs were great.

We always got on well...talking and laughing on the bus, but with never a hint of romance. I definitely fancied her.

All of a sudden she just turned arond (completely out of context) and said, "I'd love to dress a boy up as a girl. There is no way my boyfriend would let me though."

Her boyfriend was a hunk.

Then she looked straight in the eye and said, "would you let me dress you up as a girl? Will you?".

If this was merely a fantasy served up for this blog, next I would have answered 'yes', and the next evening I'd be in her room, with her picking out clothes for me and telling me how gorgeous I looked in her favorite dress.

Instead, I just said meekly, 'no'. She looked disappointed for a moment, put her hand on my knee, squeezed it, smiled and said, "of course not". Then she changed the subject.

That night she went home to her boyfriend...a real man. And probably never gave me a second thought.


So that got me thinking...what is is that outed me as a sissy to these women?

I got the sense it was subsonscious...pheremones or something. I didn't move or act effeminately. I was certainly the opposite of an alpha male, but not as clear cut as you might think. Some women actually found me attractive, but these hot woman spotted me for what I am...a sissy destined for skirts, lingerie, long hair and makeup.

Regardless of my experiences, I think women are amazing...they know, often before we do...they knew before I did...hence my experience with Charlotte, and at school.

Outed as a sissy. Marked for womanhood.

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