Sunday, 26 September 2010

Poll result

It's been SO long since I put this poll out, but I wanted to talk about the results of the first questions I ever asked on this blog.

The question was, "To sissies: what would you like your girlfriend to do to you?"

In reverse order:

  • Dress you up in a pretty skirt/top combo, then go out on a date, leaving you to imagine what she's up to... (6%)

I have to say, I'm not entirely surprised this polled so low. Most sissies seem to want to get in on the action...

However, this remains both a fantasy and a horror of mine. Sitting at home sissified while my girlfriend is doing who knows what with a hot guy...a real guy...I can't bear to lose Charlotte to someone else, but I can't help thinking it's inevitable. Women need real men.

I imagine Charlotte leaving out her sex toys and texting me frequent updates of what's she's thinking or actually doing. She asks me to recreate her actions on the toys...practice makes perfect.

  • Takes you shopping for skirts and dresses while dressed as a boy, telling all of the shop assistants you're a sissy (12%)

Well, this one has actually happened to me (see my earlier posts). I can tell you there is nothing more humiliating (or arousing) than facing the muted giggles and laughs of salesgirls in a department store as they help you with outfits. In my case it was skirt-shopping, with Charlotte joining in the laughter.

  • Get all her friends to donate their old skirts and dresses, then invite them around to dress you up and laugh (19%)

Unfortunately, another one that's happened to me. Charlotte's friends now all know about my dressing, and many of them have donated clothes for the cause. So sweet of them, although it's obvious they only do it to come around and laugh at me.

  • Dress you up in a cute Elle MacPherson babydoll nightie, take you to bed and reach for the rampant rabbit to show you what you've been missing (22%)

I can't see the sex toy part happening any time soon, but who knows? I don't feel ready for that kind of thing, although there is a part of me beginning to wonder what it would be like...

I mean, if I'm going to be a girl full time, are men part of my future? There is a huge submissive part of me that wants to know...taken...but right now, I still find Charlotte enormously attractive. Perhaps she will see this and get ideas.

  • Style your hair, put you in a flirty sundress and take you out on a double date, with guys who are on a promise (38%)

I'm not surprised this one won out. It's also my favourite.

I think about Charlotte dressing me before our dates...teasing me...telling me how pretty I look...styling my hair...giggling.

I imagine being out on the date...two hot guys...Charlotte and I sneaking off to the bathroom for her to tease me. Their eyes all over us in our pretty dresses.

Then I think about Charlotte making out with one of the guys in front of me, and the moment I realise I have to do the same with the other guy in front of her...wearing my pretty dress...kissing him...straddling him...feeling his hardness against me...touching him...

Somehow the thought of Charlotte there makes it more palatable. Having her witness first hand the sissy I am, pleasing her by being with him...

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  1. I love them all.But the wife out on a date while I am home dressed like a girl cleaning is the best


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