Sunday, 3 October 2010

Women I'd like to be...Rachel Bilson

The latest in my series of women I'd like to be, I don't know how this one has taken so long...

Rachel Bilson is a total fashion icon, and a real inspiration for someone like me.

Who else used to watch the OC and think, "I totally want to be this woman..."

Petite (5ft 2), feminine, beautiful, pretty and successful. Dark long hair, facially stunning, a perfect figure (for me at least, she's the ideal size). She especially suits dresses, and is as close to how I would like to look as I can dream of.

Here are some inspirational photos...

This has to be one of my faves of Rachel. I know this was taken a while ago, but Rachel has the 50s look going on (and three quarter length skirts are so fashionable right now). This one seems so fun and feminine to wear. Plus, what a smile....

Okay, which one of you wouldn't like to be dressed like this. She's so stunning. I lover her hair and the outfit, especially the petticoat...

This red party dress is a delight! Imagine hitting the dance floor in'd be sure to turn some heads.

I think this one is an early one of Rachel. Very cute, amazing legs. This could be a great second date outfit.

This photo is very Audrey Hepburn (another sissy inspiration!). I adore her dress. Imagine swishing through a party in this number.

Wow...that's all I can say. I'd love to wear this dress, perhaps on holiday with a hunky guy. Love the ribbon around her waist.

The flared skirt on this dress is just dreamy. When I look at this photo I think about Charlotte parading me through town looking like this, whispering 'sissy' in my ear.

Once again, Rachel pulls off this dress perfectly. So feminine, I love the lace underskirt. I bet this feels amazing on.

Just beautiful. I adore this woman. Imagine if Rachel was your roommate, and she helped you dress and be the sissy you are.

This pic makes me think how much I'd love to be Rachel...being helped into dresses, a full rail of amazing outfits to choose from...

I'd just love to look like this...this feels like a housewife shot...waiting for hubby to come home

Finally a pretty is this woman. I love her hair too.

So in short, Rachel Bilson, you are an absolute hottie! I aspire to look like you, and with Charlotte's help, I'm getting closer...


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