Monday, 2 May 2011

Sissy workout

So, I've spent the last three months seriously trying to get in shape for the summer.

And I've lost a load of weight, but it clearly wasn't enough for Charlotte. It started last week with a prompt from Charlotte to join the gym.

"If you want to fit into some cute summer outfits you need to lose a little weight", she suggested.

"What do you mean", I responded. "I'm in pretty good shape".

"Hmmmm. Perhaps for a boy...a slender boy at least. But you're going to need some help with your arms and know...your new clothes."

I knew immediately what Charlotte REALLY meant. She wanted me to tone them down...for them to less like a man's arms, and to look more like this...

That is, more like HER arms than his...

And for my legs to look good encased in a dainty skirt...

Or in some pretty lingerie...

But did I fight back when Charlotte suggested it?


"Good. That's settled then"', Charlotte said, triumphantly, but also slightly disappointed, like she wanted me to fight back.

We headed for Charlotte's gym where began one of the most humiliating experiences of my life.

After signing up, making the most of the couples membership (Charlotte is already a member), we were asked by the gym manager if I wanted a personal trainer.

Before I could say anything, Charlotte smiled and said 'yes'.

The manager replied, "Great. Todd and Darren are both available later this week. Can I book you in on, say, Wednesday?"

I immediately thought of what Todd and Darren might look like. Real men. With six packs, muscles, and ... packing something extra...more than me...

Once again, Charlotte jumped in first.

"I think we might need someone...more...suitable...for ...his needs."

The manager retorted, "Todd and Darren are our very best madam. I can assure you they'll have your boyfriend up to scratch in no time".

"I'm sure they would. But I don't want him looking like one of those hunks on the wall. He needs...well...toning down. For the summer. For the beach".

By this time I was merely a blushing spectator.

Charlotte continued, "Is Bess free? She's been fantastic with me."

"Er...yes", the manager replied. "But Bess specialises".

"Perfect. That's exactly the look we're aiming for. Isn't it honey?"

As you can imagine, by this time I was like a beetroot.

"Okaaaaay", said the manager, looking shocked. "If you want Bess, I can book you in for Tuesday. That's the only day she's in this week. Say 8pm?"

"That's fine", Charlotte said. "Although isn't 7 - 9 on a Tuesday ladies night?"

"Yes, but that's the only day she's in this week. And we can make case", he said, looking at me. "Would you like me to change it for the week after next?" the manager suggested helpfully.

"No. It's fine. Tuesday it is." Charlotte glanced over at me, and smiled slightly.

After that I practically ran out of the managers office in embarrassment.As I left, I could hear him stifle a laugh, and Charlotte say, laughing, "I'd quite like a session with Todd..."

As I walked down the corridor I passed a photo of Bess on the wall. She looked remarkably similar to this girl...

She's stunning. Exactly the kind of girl I would have wanted to be with....not be like. Just my luck.


I met Charlotte in the car five minutes later.

"Bess is amazing. And hot. She'll love you. You're going to look fantastic in a bikini...and that sundress I bought you". Charlotte was laughing now.

"Oh honey", she continued. "You're going to look so cute. We need to get you some workout clothes though".

"But I already have some", I said, meekly.

"Didn't you hear the manager dear? Tuesday is women only night. You'll need some more gym fit in".

"What do you mean?"

I soon found out. When we got back home, it was straight onto the internet to look.

"Okay...just to ease you in, let's get these", Charlotte suggested. "My baby will need trousers and a supportive top..."

"But...these are for girls..."

"Exactly, my little sissy...don't cry babe, you're going to look super cute!"

"Plus a spare in case you get your purple one all nasty and sweaty..."

"Plus you'll also need some cute shorts for when it gets hotter..."

Okay...they don't look too bad. Almost unisex.

"And of course, a skirt for when it gets REALLY warm in there..."

"A skirt", I cried, "I can't possibly wear a skirt! Everyone will find out!"

"Find out what honey?", Charlotte replied, chuckling.

"That I'm .....a .....a..."

"What? A man? Someone who can look after me? Keep me? Support me? Make love to me? Go on...say it!"

"I'm a....a....a..."

"Say it babe", she whispered.

"A sissy..."

"That's right. You could have said a man. In which case I would have shut all this down and gone to a menswear outlet. But you said 'sissy'. And what do sissies wear?", Charlotte asked.


"That's right babe. Skirts. Just like me. Skirts. You need some skirts for when it gets hot in there...when your legs get more're going to look so pretty."

"This set...this color is definitely you!"

"And the pleats on this are super cute..."

"A little ruffle skirt, to show off your new legs..."

"And another this pretty."

"And finally a dress, for when you join me and the partners for tennis later in the summer..."

"The partners? I wear a dress in front of the partners."

"Only the women partners first honey. Most of them know about you anyway...then once you get better, we can play the men! You need to look cute for them...". Charlotte laughed profusely, and chose this dress...

"You'll look SO pretty!"

That's where we left it.

With me completely humilited, taking my sissiness into public, again. Charlotte has already called Bess to let her know I'm coming, and Bess has said she's going to send over some more gym wear advice.

Plus I need to send her some aspirtional photos to help us design the workout program...Charlotte's offered to help.

At least there's no skirt ....yet

I'll update you later in the week, after my first personal training session with Bess.


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