Monday, 2 May 2011

Sissy daydreams...

Lace and ribbons. This dress could have been made for a sissy. Or a woman embracing her feminine side. I imagine blushing as Charlotte ties me into this dress ("my pretty sissy") after she's got ready for her date...she leaves me at home to think about the fun she's having with a real guy.

Or perhaps Charlotte leaves this dress out for me instead. It's approaching summer, which means shorts for the guys and sundresses for the girls and me. This is such a cute outfit...

Charlotte Chooses my skirt, lays me down on the bed and takes photos of her sissy. A very pretty skirt, for her sissy. Seriously skirt is CUTE.

Daydreaming of one possible reality...I smile submissively as my man zips me into my figure hugging dress, the soft lining enveloping my body, screaming "sissy" with every caress as I walk hand in hand on my double date with Charlotte and her real man.

Why do I find it easier to concentrate in a pretty skirt. Does this also explain why boys are doing so much better at school these days? Answers on a postcard please!

Suggestion: all unruly boys to be put into cute skirts...

Strolling down the beach in a breezy, flirty skirt. Loving the feeling of my hair caressing my back, my skirt flapping at my legs. Having my photo Charlotte? By a friend? By a date?

Being held by a real man...pressed up against him in my tight, slinky dress. His manly hand covering the whole of my back, pulling me towards him. What's that I feel pressing against my tummy? Swoon.

Relaxing in the park in frills. Watching other people pass by. Other women in their pretty outfits. Couples arm in arm. Real men in shorts and shirts...and me in my pretty underwear and girly dress. Could I be like those real men if I wanted to? Not really. Not according to Charlotte, and she should know. She's seen me naked.

Choices...hmmm...which dress today? It's not hard to imagine opening my wardrobe to the sight of so many pretty clothes. To spend the day like every sissy dresses.

To make out with a guy while I'm wearing a skirt...feeling him hold me...caress me...feeling every inch the sissy as I experience what Charlotte has experienced so many times before...conscious of the hem glancing me knee as his lips glide mine...

Such a romantic picture. All hope of me being the guy in the pic faded some time ago. Which leaves me in a beautful white party dress, gorgeous long hair, heels and a man to keep happy.

Such a pretty, fem pose to go with my pretty dress. I feel divine. I feel humiliated. I feel like a sissy.


  1. I'm so jealous you have someone like Charlotte in your life.. someone to love and cherish like that.. someone to love you back and to love you so much that she does what she thinks is best for you.. I wish I had someone like that in my life even with the insecurities I know you must feel when she is flirting with 'real' men.

    My advice? Read Sarahs Sissy Confessions (theres a link on my blog). THink she feels very similar but shes in a very loving relationship similar to yours.. it would be worth your time reading some of the posts if you haven't already :)

  2. Thanks so much Tiffany. I already read Saragirl's's really great...frightening, terrifying, liberating and arousing...I also love her stories too.

    Really like your blog too. Thank you for posting!

  3. hihihi she's done a post recommended your blog! oooh get you girly!! All famous now like! la de da

    Now get that post up about the gym pronto.. can't wait to read it!!!


  4. hahah I just read your profile about the sweater.. made me giggle! awww I love those jumper dresses.. nice wide belt should do it round the waist.. big buckle.. leggings..footless of course..wedges..lovely toenail polish.. can be a bit daring with this look.. perhaps an eggshell blue? or matching the belt perhaps.. big bangles on the wrists.. clackity clack... colour of belt? yes depends on colour of sweater but opt for white.. goes with anything.


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