Friday, 1 January 2010

Charlotte's option 1

So Charlotte just sent me this message...

"I think we need to discuss the future. With so many options for your look, which do we pursue?...I'm going to send you some pictures over the next few days. Take a look, and let me know which one you like best...for your future.

This one's a bit 'Barbie', but we CAN get you there if you like. Your hair is already almost shoulder length, and you do have a slender frame (i.e. you make a pathetic male! But you have the beginnings of a cute female)

"Look beyond the cute denim skirt and tight breasts. Imagine how great this figure would look in PRETTY DRESSES and SKIRT SUITS for work, GORGROUS OUTFITS...being this pretty can really help you get ahead (it's worked for me) - let's face it, your career so far has been a failure as a man - turning you into a cute girl might also be a great financial move for us...think about it".

Charlotte says she's going to post some more soon...

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