Sunday, 10 January 2010

Women I would LOVE to be...

...for a day, a week, a year...forever!

I dream about attending office meetings dressed and looking like this...what a different, feminine world it would be!

Love her slinky dress and smile. This dress must feel wonderful to wear, and it suits her so well. This is one of my favourite looks I've seen on a woman.

I adore the pink skirt and the dainty pose. To spend my days dressed like this, looking so adorable...

Is this a before, or after shot? Judging by the smile, I think after...

Just's your wedding and all of your girlfriends come round to get you ready. I'm imagining this is Charlotte, Beth and their friends dressing me...

"Oh Caitlin, you're such a sissy, but you will look wonderful in your dress. Shame you didn't come up to scratch as a man, but what a pretty woman you've become. Tom's going to love you in this dress..."

Loving the delightful pink dress. I bet she turns so many heads, all of the time. I like to think she's an intelligent, beautiful, powerful and feminine woman.

I love the way she's being held by her man...feminine and happy in her long summer skirt and beautiful hair. So secure and satisfied

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