Friday, 29 January 2010

I'm in dresses...continued (2)

"Why don't we style her hair first", suggested Beth.

"Great idea! Come here Caitlin" replied Charlotte. "Your hair's grown so much in the last 6 weeks. I'd almost call it long...what can we do with it?"


"Oh shush can we style it before you get changed into your FIRST dress! So exciting! Here are some options", said Beth, showing me the magazine pictures...

"Which is your favourite Caitlin?"

"I don't know...I'm not sure I'm ready for..."

"Oh don't be such a girl..." cried Charlotte, causing Beth to fall into fits of laughter.

"Why don't you get changed first Caity. Here...". Charlotte handed me the dress. It felt so soft in my arms. "Here's the first one...let's see how you look in it before we try the others."

"The others...?"

"Oh silly...You've wanted to get into dresses for ages, haven't you. Did you think we wouldn't buy you some more dresses to go with your skirts? Wait until you see what else we've got you..." said Charlotte.

"But first try the pink one on" suggested Beth. "You can get changed front of us"


"Oh don't be shy. We're all girls here!" said Charlotte.

"Yes, definitely no guys here." added Beth. "Go on...take off yor clothes"

I took off my top, and lowered my trousers, exposing my panties.

"Oh..." said Beth, starting to giggle. "I have a pair of panties just like yours. Adorable. Come on. Put the dress on. I'm sure you know how."

I held the dress out in front of me, and stepped into the skirt. The silky lining brushed up against my smooth legs. I was instantly aroused. Beth moved behind me, and guided my arms into the dress. Charlotte started to button me up in front.

"Oh my....don't you look gorgeous....just like a real girl. Let me arrange your hair."

Beth was openly laughing now..."oh...don't you make a cute much better than you were as a boy...the guys are going to LOVE you..."

The feeling of the dress on my legs and body was overwhelming. But I also natural. I've always loved dresses on Charlotte. Now I was wearing one. The first of many I suppose.

"You look LOVELY Caity! Let's go out!" cried Charlotte.

"Yeeeeeeeeeeesssss", Beth agreed.

What would happen next....?


  1. Just wear them. You know you'd feel good in a dress and there are plenty of styles so there's no reason to get bored wearing them.
    Love sissygurl belinda.


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