Friday, 1 January 2010

The Skirt...(2)

Charlotte just got back. She came through to the lounge, where I was.

“Hey babe! How’s my girl!?”

“Er…I’m okay” I replied. Charlotte was wearing a cute flowing skirt and fitted purple blouse. She looked amazing, as usual.

“Oh…Where’s your present?” she said.

Charlotte looked a bit disappointed. I left the skirt on the bed. Hadn’t even touched it.


“Okay Caitlin. I know you’re probably not ready for it…not quite yet”

“What do you mean, not ye…”

“Shhhh honey”, she interrupted. “It’s okay. Just pop it in your wardrobe. There’ll be plenty of room in there soon. There are a few things we need to do first anyway. But all in good time. What’s on tv?”

All in good time? And there’ll be plenty or room in my wardrobe soon…? What does that mean? And if I’m so worried (and I really am), why am I also a little excited?

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