Sunday, 10 January 2010

Charlotte and her friends.

Something that's REALLY been on my mind.

A few times recently, Charlotte's told me that lots of her friends know what's happening to me. I imagine her whispering to friends, and them giggling along with her in a mixture of shock and amusement.

This scares me.

It's one thing to be on this journey towards spending the rest of my days as Charlotte's girlfriend, in pretty skirts or dresses, make-up, long hair etc. It's another thing to think that she's already discussing this with her existing girlfriends.

Two of her friends have now even donated items to my new wardrobe. Sophie (who used to fancy me!! What must she think now?) donated these skirts...

,,,with a little note, "Dear Caitlin, I know you used to love the pink flirty one on me, but there's also a smarter skirt for the office, when you're ready. Can't wait to see you in them soon! Adorable. Charlotte says you'll be joining us on our girlie nights out before long! Remember, if you need any guy advice, call me."

I mean, guy advice!? What's Charlotte been saying to her!?

And then Karen donated this dress...

No note, but Charlotte's already teasing me about wearing this to work once I "grow into it". She also said that when Karen next comes to the flat, I should wear this for her!

The thought of all her friends knowing, AND contributing. It's too much to take. They KNOW I'm a sissy. They know and they're helping it happen.


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  2. Thank you so much for the comments. The skirt and dress ARE cute in very different ways. Secretly I can't wait to wear both (hopefully Charlotte won't laugh too much...).


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