Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Dresses and skirts for work

I just had this message from Charlotte...

"Hey Caity! Hope you're good. I hope you don't mind, but please take a look at the following items that the girls and I put together for you.

Every girl needs some staple items in their wardrobe...let me know what you think, and maybe we can go shopping on the weekend and keep building your wardrobe.

Imagine yourself wearing these, and let me know your favourites for guidance.

I love you honey! xxxxxxxxxxxxx"

Some smart work dresses...

My favourite dress of this selection...

Some skirts for work and after work...

My favourite skirt of this selection...

And two skirts for fun!

And then I got this message from Charlotte's friend, Rachel...

"I hope you liked the last two skirts Charlotte sent over! I own two just like them, and I'm donating them to you because they're too small for me (Charlotte tells me your figure's coming along nicely). I can't wait to see you in them, my lovely sissy. Just don't forget to cross your legs when you sit!!!"

I can't believe how embarrassing this is getting (although I love the outfits Charlotte - thank you).

My favourites are the last dress (the flared shift dress - I think it would feel wonderful on) and the last skirt (the hip-hugging one - looks so comfortable and stylish)...what do you think???


  1. love the dark violet dress, pair it with black booties, and it will look amazing, so rich!


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