Sunday, 3 January 2010

Favourite skirts...

After the skirt incident (see below, it’s now in my wardrobe!), Charlotte has asked me to list 9 skirts that I like. I told her that it's not that I don’t like the skirt (it’s just I’ve [hardly] never worn one before), but she said that if I don’t want to wear it now, I should pick some others so she has some ideas for the future.

This is difficult for me (because there are so many to choose from, but also because I feel slightly humiliated!), but here are nine skirts, and why I like them…

I just ADORE the preppy look on this skirt. The little ribbon tie-up just adds to the effect too.

Short skirts = flirty. Flirty = fun. This picture seems to epitomize this feeling. It's not a sexual thing (honestly Charlotte) - it's attitude. Fun and flirty. In skirts.

Okay. I admit. This one's as much for the girl as the skirt. But not for the reasons you might think. She's clearly having SO much fun with the skirt...wearing the skirt...feeling the skirt. She LOVES her skirt, and just the satisfaction of being a woman, in summer, wearing a gorgeous summer skirt. If this is my future, I need to adopt (or learn) this attitude.

I love the contentment in this photo. It's summer, she's being held by a genuine alpha male, feeling him press up against her...she looks so happy and relaxed. I love the simplicity of her knee-length white skirt.

I just adore this skirt. Is she she she sad? It's not easy to tell, but the thought of spending my summers in this kind of attire...a pretty pink skirt...ok I admit it appeals.

Skirt shopping...I guess I'm going to experience this soon. I love the femininity of this, pretty, frilly...and I love the smile on her face as she imagines wearing it.

I just like the thought of going into work in a tight, charcoal, double pleated skirt. Walking into the office, the women wondering where I got it, and men adoring me...the eroticism of being a smart, sexy , intelligent woman. I adore smart, sexy, intelligent women, and this skirt speaks to me of those attributes.

Work skirt? I'm not sure. Certainly fun and flity, but also professional. I love the side pleats. If I'd ever worn a skirt to school, it would probably have been like this. I think I missed out!

Mmmmm...gypsy skirt, summer, flirty. I can imagine twirling around the park in this skirt. I love the skirt, and the smile together. Contentment, with her man. Adorable.

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  1. My picks are 2 (very flirty), 8 (business and flirty), and 9 (sheer!).


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