Sunday, 3 January 2010

And now dresses...!

Okay…here’s a text I’ve just had from Charlotte:

“Thanks for the skirts Caitlin! Me and the girls had fun looking at your choices. Most enlightening - you actually have some taste… although I'm sure half the time you were as focussed on being the girl and wearing the skirt, rather than just the skirts. Interesting.

Now do the same with dresses - imagine you can choose any nine dresses you want, and let me know why. Put yourself in a girl’s position (can’t be that hard for you!). xxxxxxxxx"

The dresses I’ve chosen are below…

I love the sophisticated look of this dress. The waist-tie is so cute too. Very sleek, feminine and the thought of the silkiness on my skin...mmmmm

NUMBER 2 big day - all eyes on me. Looking stunning in this gorgeous wedding dress and girlie tiara...Charlotte as my bridesmaid...

I love the netting detail on the bottom of the skirt here. And the heels. I'm imagining wearing this as Charlotte gets married to a real man. She looks at me, smiles and whispers, "my pretty sissy".

More sophisticated look. I like the floatiness of the dress, the inner lining caressing my legs with the see-through overskirt floating above. Divine.

Much flirtier, and I love the feminine bow. Looks like a great dress for dancing in, although would have to mind no-one gets a peak up my skirt at my pretty panties...

A first-date dress perhaps??? I love the pink ruffles in the skirt. Very feminine. I adore pink!

The perfect dress for summer walks on the beach. Light, floaty and feminine.

Party dress. Oh why must real girls have all the fun. Charlotte has a dress just like this. I dream about wearing it from time to time.

A grogeous white dress for a ball. Imagine dancing up close against your partner, sily skirt flirting with your knees. Delightful heels. Stunning.

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  1. wow, they are all so pretty!! i mean in their respective dresses!! nice... ;)


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