Sunday, 3 January 2010

I want to be...Rachel McAdams...

I adore this woman. I want to be her...wear the clothes she are some photos that explain why (self explanatory)

My favourite quotes from Rachel McAdams...

Talking about the clinging print dress above..."In the best dresses, you can move the way you always do. This is one of those dresses" "I love it when a dress seems to cling to you but not in an uncomforable way. This dress is very comfortable but sexy. It sort of looks like an oil painting. I'm usually in a comfy sweater and a really casual skirt."

I love it when women talk about their relationship with skirts and dresses...gorgeous.


  1. Rachel McAdams is such a perfect example of the type of woman a sissy should aspire to emulate. Classy, confident, beautiful, supremely feminine, amazingly on-point with her fashion choices. What a wonderful role model for someone like you.

  2. I agree completely. I have been living vicariously through Rachel McAdams through all of her movies. Those pictures reflect how beautiful and feminine she is and how wonderful it would be to spend a day in her body with those clothes. The last one is my favorite: soft and casual and feminine, and outside on a beautiful suimmer day.....thank you so much for this beautiful blog.

  3. She's very beautiful, and I'd love to wear her clothes!


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