Sunday, 14 February 2010


Charlotte asked me to post again on which woman I would absolutely love to be. Anyway, although I posted on this before, I just can't admire Rachel McAdams enough. I would LOVE to look like this woman. As a consequence, Charlotte is now using her as part of her inspiration for where I'm heading, in terms of styling and fashion.

Amazing woman...beautiful, intelligent, feisty, sexy and feminine. A genuine role model for people like me.

There are lots of pics, here, but every one of them is gorgeous. And I HAVE to leave you with a few quotes from Rachel that I've posted before, but I absolutely adore...Charlotte has suggested I learn to talk about my clothes this way if I'm to truly become her sissy...

"In the best dresses, you can move the way you always...I love it when a dress seems to cling to you but not in an uncomfortable way...I'm usually in a comfy sweater and a really casual skirt..."

"I felt a connection to the skirt as soon as I put it's got a life of it's own..."

Soon I'll be talking this way about my wardrobe.

1. I love the dress, cardigan, shoes, hair AND the mischevious look on Rachel for this photo. It's easy to imagine dressing like this all day every day. So pretty and feminine...

2. It's all about the dress here. I mean, this is a girlie dream come true...the lace, the detail, the tulle, dancing, the heels and the smile. I can close my eyes and pretend that it's my body encased in such a delightful dress...mmmm.

3. I might have posted this one before, but I love the combo of the slightly dishevelled hear style and the smart dress. This is the kind of dress every girl would love to lounge around in. She looks beautiful.

4. Hot summer's vest top...pretty on my face. She looks so feminine and happy. Just gorgeous.

5. So this one is my hair inspiration. We're already working on getting it as close as possible to this. At the moment it's just beyond my ears, but Charlotte is helping me style it every day to look more like this. It frames her face perfectly.

6. The thought of messing around in the garden in a silky skirt and top...well what sissy wouldn't want this??? Once again, she looks so content.

7. Once again, I adore this dress. So cute and girlie...everything Charlotte wants me to be...

8. The ribbon details on this dress makes it for me. And the blonde hair suits her...

9. Yay for pink dresses!!! Charlotte says this is definitely my colour. I love the shoes too.

10. What's she thinking here? I like to think this is me, pressed up against the wall in my red sundress...maybe my man about to push his way behind me...imagination wanders...

11. This is possibly one of the prettiest dresses I've ever seen. Just stunning. Charlotte loves this picture and has already teased me about wearing the dress outside, perhaps for a party. I imagine wearing this in front of all Charlottes friends and some of my ex's, while I serve them drinks and they giggle and my new feminine life...

12. Such a gorgeous, feminine pose. Imagine this dress pulling on your legs as you walk, hugging your figure. You'd be sure to turn heads in this number.

13. Okay. This is definitely a date dress to me. I would love to be Rachel in this pic, perhaps waiting for a hunky date to sweep me off my feet...

14. Just hanging out in this green combo would be a dream come true. So cute. So pretty.

15. Finally, I had to throw this one in. It's so out of tune with all of the others, but Rachel wears the pleats so well. Fun, flirty, feminine...more of a holiday look...Charlotte has already started looking for a skirt just like it for me...


Simply gorgeous. Do you think the same of Rachel McAdams? If not, who would you most like to look like?


  1. Charlotte is quite smart isn't She, caitlin? While you are focusing on which feminine image you aspire to, the compulsion to be more feminine becomes stronger and stronger. It isn't a bad thing at all caitlin. It is your destiny. It's what you are meant to be - trapped in femininity - a pretty gurl... The more you think about your femming, the greater a certainty it becomes...

    Miss D

  2. It's no secret to some but 15 is very me although I really like the date dress in 13 almost as much.
    Regards sissygurl belinda

  3. Amazing blog you have here! I can certainly relate to many of things I've seen and read here. You are one very lucky person to have such an understading and encouraging girlfriend.

  4. I like photos 1 and 7 best.
    I also like to wear skirts and only wish I had a nice lady to femme me up.

  5. Rachel is very beautiful. I wouldn't mind at all being like that!

  6. Rachel is indeed very lovely,but stating my opinion here I wish to tell you that I like Sophie Dahl just a little more.Watching her cooking show on BBC is such a thrill for me.Let's say that it is nice to know that we are not all staring at the same girl,although I know that Sophie got married to Jamie Cullum last April.Which is a pity :-(
    Nice blog,and lots of beautiful clothes,dreaming away....


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