Sunday, 24 April 2011

Loving Ann Taylor right now...

Charlotte sent me a link to their website, with a message, "Hey babe! Lydia and I think this season's looks are very YOU. Xxxxxx"

Lydia is one of Charlotte's friends, who knows about my situation. Her boyfriend is a serious HUNK, and so she can't understand why Charlotte chooses to live with a sissy like me. Funny, because when I look at him, it's even more obvious to me (and Charlotte) why I belong in dresses...

Anyway, Charlotte asked me to think about work outfits, and I love the pieces below...

This skirt SHOUTS femininity with a capital F. I imagine what the girls in the office would say if I swished into the office in this! Very cute.

Smart and feminine, if I love the simple clean lines, and the dark colors go so well together. This look is very Charlotte (legal).

The detail on the blouse is very cute, and the leg hugging skirt is already whispering, "buy me".

A more casual knit and skirt look, this is definitely for a 'comfy' look day when you dont want to just slip on a top and skirt and not make that much effort.

Not so much for work, but I am a sticklet for a cute lace skirt. This is definitely the kind of skirt Charlotte and her friends would choose for me...

Apparently this dress sold out in 2 hours from the Ann Taylor NY store. It's easy to see why. Once again, not a work dress. More of a date dress I think...very cute.

I'd love to look like this woman!

I already own a dress a bit like this. A classic cut black dress with a cut that would never tire.

Okay...obviously not a work dress. However, I spotted it and I adore it. The bow really sets the rest of the dress off...a very cute bridesmaid dress.

Another pretty top and skirt combo, I'd love to dress like this to work...with a sassy pair of black heels...

Finally I wanted to add this as an option for how one could wear the skirt in pic one. I like the comtrast between the hard, masculine look of the jacket and the femininity of the skirt.


BTW, as I was posting these, I thought "oh my god...I'd love to be one of these fashion models!"

Imagine if your job was to wear pretty tops, skirt and dresses all day!? Then I think, imagine if it was Charlotte behind the camera! I know the dieting would be hellish, but there aren't many women who wouldn't like to look like the women above and spend their time smiling into a camera looking pretty.

Then, think of the free clothes!



  1. All very beautiful! And I'd love to wear any of them.

  2. What an awesome blog. I really love that photo No. 3 and agree with you that the proportions are just perfect. If I could somehow magically transform into that photo and become her........keep up the great work...

  3. Ooooh your blog is sooo sexy. I love all those clothes too and I dream of the day I will be in the arms of a strong handsome man, pulling my soft fragile body against his, and feeling his excitement and hardness for me, his sweet feminine sissy girl, my heart beating fast and my head spinning with desire to make it good for him. Anna Sissygirl xx


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