Sunday, 14 November 2010

Maggy London dresses

I was browsing one of my favourite online stores earlier (Nordstrom) and I felt compelled to mention a designer called Maggy London. Some of the dresses she has on the site are simply divine!

I like to look at the dresses, pause, and just imagine what each one would feel like on. I think about being at a party where girls approach me and tell me how pretty I look...

Here are 5 I would LOVE to own...

Floaty, fun, and not too formal...

This feels like a second date dress, if the date is dinner in an upscale restaurant. I adore the feminine lace detail around the hem.

This dress is super sexy! Figure hugging tastic! The sleeves are great.

Pretty is the word I'd describe for the next dress. The contrast between the top and the taffeta skirt works beautifully, and the bow...another dress I just go weak at the knees thinking about wearing.

I really like the top part of this dress too.

I'd also like to put in a word for the two models. Both fantastic role models for my journey from man to sissy to girl (although I suspect I'll always be a sissy). I adore the way they look (I'd much rather be them than be with them) and while I almost have the hair length now, Charlotte and I are continuing to work on the rest.

Please let me know what you think.



  1. I love the dresses you've chosen. Just lovely.

  2. In November, the knowing eye was able to identify you as a sissy. My guess is, in the not so far away future you’ll have difficulties passing as a boy; your eyebrows and your demeanour giving you away. By then, the key to further progress is finding a job where you can work as a girl. If you succeed, you can get rid of your boys’ clothes to make room for more lovely dresses.

  3. Are you still out there, Caitlin? Please give us an update. I only found your blog about a week ago. It's thrilling to read about how your development as a sissy is being guided by your girlfriend with love and compassion.


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